This is a sidebar that goes into my observations and train of thought about things like low carb, diabetes, and what are dangerous glucose levels.

I've completed my n=1 experiment into the Carb Nite approach.  The results are interesting with what I think are some measurable results that have driven me to a conclusion of how this approach works for me.

A little belated, but I have captured my thoughts on what I've experienced with the Carb Nite after more than a month and a half of my experiment.  I've observed some things I expected and some I didn't.

® "Carb Nite" is a registered trademark of John M. Kiefer and I have no affiliation with him.

In this post I follow up on my previous post and detail my first experience with trying the Carb Nite experiment.

® "Carb Nite" is a registered trademark of John M. Kiefer and I have no affiliation with him.

The Carb Nite Solution, by John Kiefer is a book and diet approach that starts with very low carb, high fat but throws in a periodic "carb nite" about every week. Read why I'm trying this and follow along with my experiment.

® "Carb Nite" is a registered trademark of John M. Kiefer and I have no affiliation with him.

Since I started this low carb approach, I've found that I can easily fast for hours to as long as a day.  Read about my experiment with a 3-day fast.

Carb loading for endurance sports?  Does it make sense? do the numbers add up?  It might, but there's definitely a better way.

I've been torn and finding myself agreeing with both, and neither, side of some hot debates regarding science and health.  In this post I talk about my view on the controversy surrounding GMOs.

While obsessively counting your every calorie or carb is not productive, I look at the occasional use of a food journal to assess our diets, and talk about how doing this for myself led to some interesting discoveries.

You see protein almost everywhere, on packaged food labels and in advertisements.  Is this a trend to make processed food healthier, or just an attempt to ride the coattails of the Primal/Paleo lifestyle movement?

When talking about low carbohydrate eating, people often say that they don't want to give up their whole grains because they need their fiber.  Perhaps, whole grains aren't such a good place to get fiber after all.

Brummel & Brown Spread
with Yogurt

Someone recently asked about Brummel & Brown spread with yogurt.  I hadn't heard of it so I looked into it.  I thought I would write a brief post on what I think.

All else being equal, I may buy organic.  Sometimes I don't go out of my way to do so.  Find out when I think it's important.

You may think the fact that you've not been successful at getting and staying healthier is your fault, but I'm betting it's not.

Read how headlines, and reporting on nutrition studies can mislead.

It's easy to be confused about nutrition

With the wealth of information that is available in today’s connected society, you would think that we have all the information we need to make the right choices, if we choose to eat healthy.  So why is it so confusing?

Calories In = Calories Out

Much is said in conventional wisdom that losing weight and getting healthier is all about limiting calorie intake and burning more calories.  While I say this is sort of true, I talk about how you can change the rules and make it a whole lot easier.

Very Short Story on the Way I Eat

I thought I would see how succinctly I could describe what this Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) diet is, (at least the way I do it) to those who may be unfamiliar.

Very Short Story on Why LCHF Worked for Me

Building on the brief version of the way I eat from the last post, I attempt to briefly tell you why I think this worked for me.

Do Other Diets Work?

Is there only one "right" way to have a healthy diet?

How I Got Here, Part I

This story starts back in the mid-90s.   I describe how conventional wisdom was slowly ruining my health, disguised as "just part of getting older." 

How I Got Here, Part II

How I learned what I learned about nutrition a couple years ago, and how it changed my life.

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I'm not a health professional in any way and nothing presented here should be taken as specific medical, nutritional, or health advice to any particular person.  It is simply an account of what I've done, what I've learned and what I'm doing.  You should use your own brain, your own research, and the advice from qualified professionals that you trust, before making any changes in your own life.